Monday, June 12, 2006

New Layout

As you may have noticed, I have changed things around a bit. I was a little tired of the old look so I decided to try my hand at html. Finally, after a couple days of being confused by tutorials and notepad files, I got at least a functional understanding of how to alter my site. So this is it. The layout will probably go through a few more changes as I learn more and get a little more creative, so feel free to make suggestions.
In celebration of my new look, I will return to posting regularly. Sorry to any of you disapointed by my long absence (I realize that my vacation from the blog world was a cruel thing to do to my many many readers). My first post should be up in a few days so keep an eye out.

Dan, 1:48 PM


A bit hard to read.. maybe a lighter color on your font.

I wanted to thank you for your input on my post on propositional truth. You were gracious and giving in your diagreements.

Go easy on poor elson... he is a dynamo of Spiritual insight. He is from Singapore and his English is great, yet lacks some of the finer nuances of our own english.
I mean he many not grasp the finer points... or miss and missunderstand. Mostly he and I have developed a wonderful friendship and I really reccomend you looking into whatGod is doing in that nation... it is glorious!

I know you and I do nt see eye to eye... yet iron sharpens iron... and i am learning to be more gentle to those who bring their clay swords to my blog. LOL!

Blessings my Brother in Christ,
Blogger iggy, at 4:04 PM  
thanks for the comment iggy. I'm still figuring out the whole blog thing and trying to find a balance between form and function. But I will hopefully be making the font a little easier to read over the next few days.

Blogger Dan, at 7:20 PM  

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