Thursday, November 17, 2005


Ok, I'm back again.
The last area I would like to discuss is:
4) As Christians, men need to be more active in serving and protecting women. It is not enough to be responsible for yourself, we must also strive to correct the wrongs commited by men in general within and outside of our church walls. Men need to take a stronger stance against rape, dead beat dads, and anyone who takes advantage of women. Too often men will take a stance against promiscuous women and abortion. These are certainly ills in our society. But niether one of these would be possible if it weren't for the men who prey on women. One specific area where men are desperately needed in these sort of circumstances is at rape crisis centers and battered women's shelters. While in most cases men will not be effective in counseling victims, there is a desperate need for men to volunteer to simply go and play with the many children who are brought there with their mothers. These children have seen the worst kind of men imagineable and are destined to grow up with a slanted persepective on what it is to be a man and worst of all on who God the Father is. This is just one way we can help correct this wrong.
Ultimately it comes down to remembering that every move we make is made as a model of Christ. As I have said before, this is true for all Christians. But since Christ was a man there is a heavier burden upon men. Always remember that your interaction with women informs their concept of men and in turn their concept of God. This is a heavy burden we have been given and to whom much is given, much will be expected. But Christ has promised to share our yolk. Seek the shelter of Christ and let your pressence be a blessing to all people.
Dan, 6:45 AM


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