Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Papers galore!

So i just finished my peer reviews for my paper on infant baptism. Went pretty well, but I realized that this ten page paper is very quickly turning into a 20 pager. but at least most of the work is done on it. Now i just have to work on another 10 pager about how the american charismatic movement originated in racism, and another on on the salvation of people with disabilities. Then, to top it off a 7 pager on liturgy and a 7 pager on philospohy. i really like writing though and it helps me organize my thoughts so that I can be a better speaker. So I probably own't be blogging to much over the next 6 days because I will be typing somewhere between 45 and 50 pages worth of paper. Damn, i should just make it a book called "Thoughts by Dan." I could make finger paintings depicting each topic and write it all in crayon!! hey it sold millions of books for that Sark lady, and she didn't even say anything in her book (The bodacious of succulance my ass!)Anyway, i'll leave with a question. Is there any purpose for the insert key other than pissing me off every now and again?
Dan, 11:32 AM


Thoughts by Dan:

Chapter One: POOP upside down spells bOOb

You'll have to tell me more of this Sark lady... she sounds intriguing.
Blogger Miss Sara, at 11:48 AM  
the insert key plays a huge roll in my boring every day life here at the office! i get extremely pissed if the insert key gets hit accidentaly. Sometimes I think people walk by and push it just to piss us off!!! It makes my entire program unfunctional until you hit it again...if you don't know that the insert key is there and what it does...your life in my office is hell...*evil laugh*
Blogger Annette, at 3:07 PM  
Good morning. I'm bored, and I wanted the whole world to know it. Have a fun time writing your papers.
Blogger Miss Sara, at 8:56 AM  
When ya gonna post again, my sweet love?
Blogger Miss Sara, at 11:12 AM  
testing post
Anonymous dan, at 1:59 PM  

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